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Any of our cupcakes can be made Gluten Free



White Chocolate   *   Chocolate   *   Vanilla   *   Lemon   *   Spice   *   Chocolate Chip   *   Nutella

Peanut Butter   *   Coconut   *   Almond   *   Carrot   *   Banana   *   Red Velvet   *   Oreo

Seasonal Favorites:

Apple   *   Spiced Pumpkin   *   Gingerbread   *   Egg Nog   *  Peppermint


Dark Chocolate Ganache   *   Espresso Chocolate Ganache   *   Mexican Chile Ganache   *   Cheesecake

Raspberry Preserves   *   Salted Caramel   *   Apricot Preserves   *   Cherry Preserves   *   Fresh Lemon Curd

Fresh Key Lime curd   *   Nutella  *  Peanut Butter Mousse   *  Gooey Coconut  *  Coconut Pecan  *  Marshmallow

Frostings aka Butter Cream:

White Chocolate   *   Vanilla Bean   *   Key Lime   *   Fresh Raspberry    *   Fresh Strawberry   *   Maple

Mint   *   Chocolate Fudge   *   Chocolate Espresso   *   Almond   *   Chai Spice   *   Honey Cinnamon   *  Oreo

Chocolate Ganache   *   Mocha Lemon   *   Key Lime   *   Espresso Ganache   *   Almond    *    Cream Cheese

Salted Caramel   *   Nutella   *   Peppermint   *   Egg Nog (seasonal)

Most Popular Chocolate Based:

Red Velvet – A southern favorite red chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting 

Triple Chocolate – Dark chocolate cupcake, white chocolate ganache & milk chocolate frosting 

Oreo - An Oreo Cookie baked into a dark chocolate cupcake with vanilla Oreo frosting 

Blackout –  Dark chocolate cupcake, filled with chocolate ganache with dark chocolate frosting & topped with more chocolate 

Mexican Hot Chocolate – Cinnamon chocolate cupcake, chipotle chocolate ganache center, mocha cinnamon frosting with marshmallows 

Mocha-ccino Chip – Chocolate chip espresso cupcake, mocha butter cream with shaved chocolate & a chocolate espresso bean

German Chocolate – German chocolate cupcake, pecan/coconut center, milk chocolate frosting, toasted pecans & toasted coconut

Awww Nuts! – Chocolate Nutella cupcake with a Nutella frosting topped with toasted hazelnuts

Salty Dog – Dark chocolate cupcake, filled with salted caramel, chocolate caramel frosting & topped with pretzels

Irish Car Bomb – Dark chocolate Guinness cupcake, filled with Irish whiskey ganache, topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting

Diggin’ in the Dirt- Chocolate cupcake filled with an Oreo, topped with chocolate frosting, oreo crumbs and gummy worms

Mocha Latte -Chocolate cupcake filled with coffee cream, coffee/chocolate ganache frosting and topped with shaved chocolate

Peanut Butter Cup- Chocolate cake, filled with a creamy peanut concoction, topped with chocolate frosting and a mini Reeses

Caramel Mocha- Mocha cake, caramel center, vanilla espresso frosting, a dark chocolate covered espresso bean & drizzled caramel

Black Forest- Rich chocolate cake, filled with cherry filling, topped with chocolate ganache, whipped vanilla bean frosting & a cherry!

Rocky Road - Chocolate cake, fudge walnut filling, topped with chocolate frosting, mini marshmallows, walnut pieces and mini chocolate chips

Mounds of Joy - Chocolate cake, filled with rich coconut filling, topped with chocolate/coconut swirl frosting & coconut

Chocolate Covered Banana - Chocolate banana cake with a chocolate filling, topped with banana frosting & mini chocolate chips

Turtle - Chocolate cake, filled with house-made caramel, topped with chocolate ganache, brown butter frosting, caramel drizzle & pecans

Orange Chocolate - Chocolate orange cake with a grand mariner ganache filling, topped with chocolate frosting and candied orange peel

Most Popular Vanilla Based:

Triple Vanilla! - Vanilla bean cupcake, creamy vanilla bean center, fluffy vanilla buttercream and vanilla bean sugar crystals
Apple Spice- Apple cinnamon cupcake topped with caramel butter cream and sprinkled with brown sugar streusel
Mai Tai- Pineapple Rum cupcake topped with cherry frosting and toasted coconut
Pina Colada- Coconut Rum cupcake, Pineapple filling topped with cherry frosting and toasted coconut
Key Lime- Vanilla lime cupcake, key lime filling, whipped frosting and topped with lime zest
Pecan Pie- Vanilla bean cupcake filled with pecan pie filling, brown butter frosting and toasted pecans
Coconut- Coconut cupcake filled with coconut cream, coconut cream cheese frosting and topped with toasted coconut
Caramel Apple - Cinnamon cupcake filled with apple & caramel, brown butter frosting and topped with caramel drizzle
Carrot Delight- Carrot cupcake, topped with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon/ brown sugar sprinkled on top
Pistachio –  Pistachio cupcake with pistachio frosting & chopped pistachios
Cinnamon Roll –  All the flavors of a cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting
PB&J –  Rich vanilla bean cupcake, strawberry filling & peanut butter frosting
Strawberry or Raspberry Lemonade – Lemonade cupcake with whipped strawberry frosting and a fresh strawberryor raspberry
Chai Spice Latte – A spice vanilla cupcake, espresso glaze with Chai Spice cream cheese frosting
The King – Elvis inspired peanut butter cupcake, filled with banana cream, topped with maple frosting & topped with bacon
Monkey’s & Coconuts – Coconut banana cupcake, filled with coconut cream, topped with coconut frosting & toasted coconut
Playing in the Sand- Vanilla cupcake with bright blue frosting, graham cracker sand and gummy fish
Banana Cream Pie - Vanilla banana cupcake filled with a vanilla bean pastry cream and topped with a rich chocolate ganache
Pumpkin Pie - Vanilla cake, spiced fresh pumpkin pie filling, topped with pumpkin cream cheese frosting & buttery graham cracker crumbs
Vanilla Lavender Honey - Vanilla cake, filled with lavender honey mascarpone mousse, topped with honey frosting & lavender sugar
Lavender Lemon - Vanilla cake, filled with meyer lemon lavender curd, topped with honey lemon frosting & lavender sugar
Luscious Lemon - Vanilla cake, filled with lemon curd, topped with cream cheese frosting & lemon sugar
– An Italian favorite! Vanilla bean cupcake, soaked with espresso, filled with vanilla bean pastry cream, topped with mascarpone whipped frosting, shaved chocolate & a chocolate covered espresso bean

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